The Art of Horror in The Promised Neverland

Hello World! Horror is a genre I’ve only recently gotten into. It’s not something I ever particularly liked growing up, seeing as going out of my way to get scared was never something I found to be enjoyable. ... More

So…About that Aladdin Trailer

Hello World, I…I legitimately didn’t think I’d be doing another one of these so soon. Also like...exactly a month later. I’m just going to go on the record with this now: I do not like judging films based o... More

So…About that Hellboy Trailer

Hello World! This is going to be a short post, I promise. I just wanted to work through some emotions right now. The trailer for the new Hellboy movie has been out for a's happened. When the t... More

Something I need to say…

Hello World! Now, I’ve been a proud geek for a while — my whole life basically. I’ve always loved books, movies, games and anything that sparked my interest, which just so happens to be quite a few things. Thi... More