Hello World!

Now, I’ve been a proud geek for a while — my whole life basically. I’ve always loved books, movies, games and anything that sparked my interest, which just so happens to be quite a few things. This year in particular I’ve found I’ve absorbed quite a lot of media, and unfortunately because of this I’ve formed opinions. I was happy keeping them to myself for sometime, but something happened recently and I just can’t keep my fat gob shut any longer.

What was it, you ask, that kicked me in the butt and pushed me over the edge? What was it that made me want to speak out on the internet to whoever accidentally stumbled upon my lonely corner of the web? Well, it was a little game — maybe you’ve heard of it — called the World of Warcraft.

Yes, I’m that much of a geek.

My Time with (and my Love of) the World of Warcraft

I’ve been in love with WoW for…well it’s been a while. Not as long as some, I know — I’m one of those who joined during Cataclysm (gasp!), and I know that may immediately discount my opinion to some. Oh well.

I first started playing WoW when I was in high school. I’d always seen the game in the Future Shop, when it was still around, or Best Buy, and I’m a huge fantasy nerd so the fact there was this big, gorgeous purple elf on the cover of the game really made me want to play it. But I was scared and shy about my geekery when I was a kid and only really got the guts to play it when I had friends to introduce it to me. And I’ve been in love ever since.

Now, my first character ever was actually a Troll Druid, but the first character who stole my heart and who went with me on all of my adventures and who I experienced some of the best of WoW (in my opinion) with was my beloved Forsaken Warlock. I loved her and I fell in love with the Forsaken. I still remember playing through the starting area for the first time and being excited to learn about this new world and who these zombie things were. I remember my first time hitting up that beach near Solliden Farmstead outside of Deathknell and having the crap scared out of me by Murlocks (and pitifully dying to them once or twice because noob). But mostly I remember my first time in Brill and seeing the coolest, most badass, sexy and imposing figure I’d seen thus far…

Image result for sylvanas statue, brill

Cataclysm beta screen cap from ©WoWWiki

Sylvanas Windrunner and Me

At the time, I had no idea who the Banshee Queen was, but I remember seeing her effigy in the middle of town and immediately wanting to know more. And, luckily for me, the starting area quest lines would eventually lead me to Undercity to meet Sylvanas Windrunner for the first time. Everything about her I immediately adored — her look, her voice, her personality. And I know some of you might be rolling your eyes, thinking I’m some kind of die-hard “All hail my waifu, the dark queen of all!” RPG weirdo, but I promise you I’m not. I just really dug her aesthetic as a trying-too-hard-to-be-edgy-teenager she was the epitome of the dark badass I wished I could be. And fuck it I still love her. Or…I did, but we’ll get to that.

Anyway, my first character was a Troll, right? So why did I like the Forsaken more? I dunno. Again, trying-too-hard-to-be-edgy-teen me thought that zombies were cool and I channelled my inner goth and went for it. I love Trolls too (not so much druids), but something about the storyline for the Forsaken really stuck with me. When it came to playing my Troll, I loved the starting area. Once that little quest line was over, Zuni was dead (spoilers, I guess), Ashzara’s forces were kicked back once more into the depths, and it was off to Durotar for more adventures I kind of lost interest. The Forsaken, however? I don’t know, something about Tirisfall Glades, then Silverpine Forest after that and the stories and quests…leveling was just so much fun! And I relished every instant I got to be around Sylvanas.

Silverpine will always be one of my favourite areas in WoW. I liked the banter between Sylvanas and Garrosh (rip), I liked playing spy, I liked fighting the Worgen and I liked that I felt like I actually meant something. The quests in Durotar didn’t have me hang out with Vol’jin after Zuni died, so even though he’s like my second favourite Horde race leader (rip again), I didn’t get to connect with him like I did with Sylvanas. I didn’t ride next to Bain Bloodhoof and watch him decimate troops with casual ease as he told me his life story. I didn’t watch Lor’themar try to talk Garrosh into giving a damn about his people while also throwing up a middle finger behind his back. I didn’t constantly see Garrosh or Gallywix or any other race leader for the Horde fighting on the front lines with their people like Sylvanas. I always got the feeling, through her constant presence and her dialogue and quest-giving, like she really cared that you were there. Like she was a leader who legitimately cared for her people — a people, by the way, who are seen as nothing but freaks and monsters by everyone, including their own allies, and who can’t help the fact that they’ve been unnaturally kept from passing on.

Now, yes, Sylvanas and the Val’kyr are the reason my character is alive, and sure that could have been helped, but Sylvanas even makes a point that the Horde needs the Forsaken to help keep a hold of territory in the Eastern Kingdoms. In Silverpine, Garrosh confronts her about this unholy practice and he asks her, “What difference is there between you and the Lich King now?”.

Her response is perfect:

“Isn’t it obvious, Warchief? I serve the Horde.”

Mic drop.

And then he calls her a bitch.

And fourteen-year-old me was like “YOU GO GIRL!”

Image result for sylvanas and garrosh

WoW screen cap from ©MMO Champion

And, you know, it’s these words that break my heart now. Because Sylvanas, despite everything I know about her from both the games and researching lore on my own time because I became totally obsessed with all things WoW for years, no longer serves the Horde.

The new expansion, Battle for Azeroth, has ruined my favourite character from the Warcraft Universe. And it’s for no other reason than to cause drama for this expansion in the most basic and unoriginal and boring and insulting way possible.

[WARNING: Foul language ahead. I tried my best not to swear, but my passion is getting the best of me… And the swearing is going to stay until the end I’m afraid… Sorry!]

Now again, I realize many of you must be rolling your eyes. Here’s another Sylvanas apologist and Forsaken knobhead who blahblahblah fill in your own insults and assumptions here. But no. My love for Sylvanas is not because she’s wifey material. It’s not because I will blindly follow her anywhere. It’s not even because she’s a badass warrior who gives no shits and will kill anyone, even innocents, who get between her and victory.

It’s because, to me, she is a survivor.

Sylvanas Windrunner was a warrior. She was a general. She was beloved by two highly accomplished sisters and by her High Elf brethren because she earned it. And when she went up against Arthas Menethil, knowing it could be her doom, she faced it with honour and courage and did whatever she could to protect her home. Even as she lay dying on the battlefield, she remained brave and defiant and spat in that smarmy prince’s face and told him to go to hell, and how did he reward this honourable opponent? He ripped her soul from her body, refusing her a glorious death in service of her homeland, and forced her into slavery. And for so long she was trapped in this servile, barely conscious state until she and the other banshees could break free from Arthas’ grasp, but Sylvanas couldn’t go home. She had no home. Like all the other displaced undead of Azeroth, she had no one and nothing. And you know what she did? She fucking owned it. She took this horrible situation and she became a goddamned queen and she took in all the freaks and monsters she could and gave them somewhere they could call home and let them know that, even when their families turned them away, even when the world shamed them for even existing, she would be there with open arms to accept all who wanted to join.

Does that make Sylvanas a saint? Hell no. She is ruthless. She is a killer. She is a heartless and cruel opponent, as evidenced if you play as the Worgen. She is far from being a good person, but she is a good leader. And she was getting better.

Warcraft 3 : Arthas Vs Sylvanas by zarrad

Image by ©zarrad

There’s a quest you can find in the Ghostlands (an area I freaking hate, but that’s irrelevant) where you can find her sister Alleria’s necklace and give it back to her. And Sylvanas’ response is heartbreaking. She reminisces about her sister, and then she begins to sing a sorrowful lament. And it’s beautiful and it’s real and it made me love her more because her story is tragic. 

All Sylvanas ever wanted was to keep her home and her sisters safe, and she couldn’t do either. Her home was torn asunder, the Sunwell was destroyed and the Blood Elves were left in ruin, and her sisters were dead (as far as she knew). Everything she ever cared about was gone, and whatever was left didn’t want her. Now she has a new family in the Forsaken that she must protect. She cannot fail them as she failed Alleria and Vereesa.

AT LEAST, that’s what I got from it.

I connected to the story of Sylvanas because, to me, it was compelling. It was emotional, it was tragic, and it felt real. She felt like a real person, to some degree. She has baggage, and sometimes that baggage causes her to be a garbage person. But as the story progressed, as Sylvanas was forced to become more active within the Horde because of Garrosh’s betrayal and all the adventures the next few expansions led us on, it was clear her story was following a redemptive arc. Yes, she is an unholy abomination, and yes she sometimes acts like one too, but wouldn’t you? I mean, maybe it’s just me but I’d think after spending God knows how long enslaved and subservient to the man who had slaughtered and humiliated me and destroyed my home, I’d be a little bitchy too. And a little defensive. And a little cruel.

Sylvanas and her story always read like an allegory for overcoming trauma to me. Now is that me projecting onto a video game character? Probably. But the fact that her story could make me care about her in the same way I’d care about a character from a war movie who’s suffering from shell shock, or a character from a drama who’s been through an abusive relationship, should say something about how well her character was designed and written from Warcraft III until Legion.

Victory for Sylvanas…or, y’know, not…

And then Vol’jin died in Legion! Our first ever non-Orc Warchief murdered. And goddamn it I was sad because there goes my bro and my second favourite race leader. But that meant that Sylvanas, the Banshee Queen, the clever-mouthed bitch, the queen of the freaks, the Dark Lady herself, got the honour. She didn’t take it. She didn’t even really want it. No one wanted it. Vol’jin didn’t want it.


As he was dying the spirits of the loa told him that she was the one to trust. It was Sylvanas and the Forsaken who saved their asses from the Legion, and it was Sylvanas who was to lead the Horde into a new age. Vol’jin didn’t understand, and he knew the other leaders wouldn’t understand, but he trusted the spirits and gifted her leadership.

And those fuckers fucking lied.


Image result for burning of teldrassil

Image from ©BlizzPlanet

Because I guess the idiots writing for BFA completely forgot what happened in the last expansion and have decided that the best thing to do was to turn Sylvanas into the Lich Queen, something that has been predicted since Cataclysm and is such a painfully obvious and insulting direction to take that OF COURSE THEY FUCKING DID IT.

I was sad when I heard Sylvanas blew up Teldrassil, 1. because I like Nelfs and Teldrassiliswas pretty, and 2. because goddamn it you’re really going to make her the BAD GUY?

After facing off against the LEGION?

Our next big villain is SYLVANAS WINDRUNNER? The Warchief willing to team up with the Alliance to beat the Legion? The woman who told Garrosh to shove it up his ass when he accused her of being like Arthas in any way? The leader who has been brought back to life twice, both times against her will and the one time because what are Warcraft’s versions of valkyries thought she was a good enough person to deserve a second (third?) chance? After all this character development and poking and prodding her towards the light, you’re going to have her turn around and become Azeroth’s Hitler!? What the actual FUCK is wrong with you?

I had HOPED that they would fix it. That the next patch would justify it, or fix the story so that IF you’ve decided to ruin this beloved character it’ll at least MEAN something and the Horde players aren’t FORCED down a stupid storyline they don’t want to go down. But no. After having your character be totally okay with genocide, now all of a sudden you’re backing Saurfang like he doesn’t remember you just watched a tree full of innocent people burn and didn’t care. Great. Wonderful storytelling guys.

Slow clap…

What I think SHOULD have happened…

One of my favourite YouTubers, HeelvsBabyface (check him out if you love WoW or gaming in general), is the reason I know about this. Because I’ve been avoiding WoW. A game I love. Because it scares me. I don’t want this game I love to fall to pieces. I don’t want to see characters I love killed off or warped to fit some company’s agenda. I don’t want this world to be destroyed…

But I digress.

Back to HeelvsBabyface, or Az as he is lovingly known. Az is the reason I know about any of this, and I watched his videos during the pre-expansion story while I was excitedly checking out the beta.

While playing the beta I noticed something odd — during the quest, Sylvanas and her men used poison gas on her own troops, something that happened in the Wrath of the Lich King. Now, in WotLK, it was Grand Apothecary Putress who does this and kills both Alliance and Horde troops doing so, and it was a massive act of treason then. And now she’s totally ok with it…


Anyway, after playing through this in the beta, I saw on YouTube that Az had published a new video discussing the pre-expansion event storyline. And this is when I discovered the destruction of Teldrassil at the hands of the Banshee Queen. And Az, an Alliance player (though he used to rock a Forsaken Warlock too), was disappointed. Because even HE knew that this story was off.

I’m a proud Hordey, but I love playing the Alliance too, and this storyline offends both sides of the aisle. For the Horde, it makes us bad guys again. Just straight up bad guys. In the pre-expansion storyline, we once again have a psychotic and murderous Warchief who kills innocents (hi Garrosh), and once again we’re going to have to get a new one…our third in only a few years. Can’t you just let us keep one for longer than two expansions? Please? For fucks sake. However, there’s a big difference between the burning of Teldrassil and the bombing of Theramore: When Garrosh bombed Theramore it was always presented as a bad thing. With Teldrassil, an arguably WORSE atrocity that murdered thousands? We back up the Banshee Queen and tell Saurfang to suck it up. Well. Thanks for making us complicit to genocide. That’s what I wanted while playing a video game.

Now, for the Alliance, we’ve been ripped off. Once again the biggest and most compelling story is going to be Horde-centric, for like the third expansion in ten years. Great. Thanks. But also, we’ve lost a major territory, the Night Elves have been fucked, the Worgen have been displaced again, and the Alliance is once again just one-dimensional victims and good guys. We lose everything, and get nothing in return. Sure, there’s a revenge plot because damn you for blowing up our tree, but who cares? It’s so basic. It’s so predictable. I don’t want to play the Alliance if its just “we’re the good guys and the Horde are evil and whupteedoo we’re all morally better than those stupid freaks”. That sucks. It’s not good storytelling. It’s not compelling storytelling. It doesn’t make me want to play the Alliance.

In the end, as someone who likes to play both sides, I end up not wanting to play either, because I’m angry and uncomfortable playing for genocidal monsters, and I’m angry and bored playing generic good guys. It’s a mess.

Back to Az — he had the same issues. He doesn’t like the Horde being just generic evil people, and he doesn’t like that the Alliance are once again taking a back seat so the story can focus on Horde drama. He suggested an easy fix to the story that keeps the burning of Teldrassil, keeps the big blowout between the Horde and the Alliance, and (most importantly) DOESN’T insult the players by ruining their favourite sides: make Teldrassil an accident. 

Now, that sounds like a cop out, right? WRONG.

Image result for horde vs alliance

Image from ©Mineski.net

If the burning of Teldrassil was an accident, caused by the Alliance storing a highly explosive material in Darnassus to potentially use against the Horde, and the Horde, while sieging the city because Warcraft, accidentally lights it off because they don’t know it’s there…

Doesn’t that make for some interesting story elements?

  1. The Alliance aren’t generic good guys. They’re hiding weapons of mass destruction. And Anduin, being the new guy and a priest, would probably HATE that, so have Greymane, who’s already a pretty gnarly and tough and jaded warrior who hates Sylvannas (and probably loathes the fact that the Alliance and the Horde got along not so long ago) and, y’know, also LIVES IN TELDRASSIL, keep it in storage to potentially use it behind his new king’s back to prove to the new kid that this is what needs to be done if they want to win against the Horde. It’s completely within character, and it makes the Alliance more edgy, a little more grey, and it makes for an interesting internal conflict with the Alliance which I think it desperately needs to shake things up and make them interesting again. Stop making the Horde a bunch of angry idiots who keep infighting — the Alliance has humans, who are petty and short lived and stupid. You telling me they’re not going to get into internal struggles because they’re the “good guys”? Bite me.
  2. The Horde look like bad guys but aren’t. Genn Greymane, to hide his low-key treason, can blame the Horde for the explosion, say THEY were the ones with the Azerite all along, and use that to spark war. Meanwhile the Horde are the innocent ones. They didn’t know it was there. Sure they meant to torch the city, cos that’s war, but they didn’t mean to kill the tree. It means Sylvanas’ fear that the Alliance would use Azerite to build weapons of mass destruction against them as a founded and legitimate prediction and fear from a good, competent leader and not the ramblings of some paranoid psychopath, and it would mean the Horde’s place in the war is defensive — the Alliance have taken up a war against them because of some slight they didn’t commit and the Horde are the more innocent party for once and can take a bit of a backseat on the story front because their motivation would be around “Hey, we’re not THAT bad”, which is what they’ve been trying to tell the Alliance since the beginnings of the Horde!

It would give everyone what they want. It would make the Alliance the forefront of the drama and it would leave the Horde alone and give us a break. We don’t need a new Warchief, and nobody asked for you to ruin Sylvanas.

People asking for a Lich Queen [Spoilers: It didn’t happen]

I know some people don’t care and don’t like Sylvanas. I’ve seen it a lot recently. But I like her. I love her. I didn’t want to see her go down this path. And I haven’t wanted to see the Lich Queen since I first heard the idea pitched back in Cataclysm.

Back when I was first starting out, I went out of my way to find everything WoW I could get my hands on, and part of that searching found me stumbling into the world of predictions for future expansions. For context, this was back during Cataclysm and Mists of Panderia.

People wondered where the World would go, and one of the predictions that came up a lot was Wrath of the Lich Queen. This prediction outlined a story where Sylvanas finally goes 100% Arthas and evil and blahblahblah. And pretty much everyone who made that prediction, who I saw anyway, didn’t like this.

Let me say that again: anyone I personally saw discussing the idea of an expansion exploring Sylvanas becoming the new Arthas DID NOT LIKE THIS.

They either flat out hated it, or were completely apathetic to it because it was a boring idea. Because it’s obvious. And it’s uninspired. We’ve had a Lich King. If you made Sylvanas a Lich Queen you run into several problems:

  1. Who’s going to replace her as race leader?
  2. Why would the Horde even bother keeping the Forsaken in their little alliance anyway? AND…
  3. Why would you butt heads with literally the best expansion the World of Warcraft has ever had? People are sick of the remakes in Hollywood and the remasters in gaming, WoW doesn’t need that shit too!

At least back in Cataclysm and MoP this decision would have made more sense. I wouldn’t have liked it, but it would have fit within the parameters of her character at this point because Sylvanas WAS headed down that road. Hell, even in Warlords of Draenor you could’ve gotten away with it. But after Legion? After the spirits of the loa tell Vol’jin that Sylvanas is worth trusting? Especially after the Val’kyr already sacrificed themselves for her back in Cataclysm? After Sylvanas proved herself to be a good leader and that she was capable of being good? No. It makes NO FUCKING SENSE anymore!

There’s only one other way I’ve seen where you could do a Lich Queen storyline and have it make sense, and it’s something I saw recently from a WoW fan on some forum somewhere. This fan said that they always felt like Bolvar was kind of a Deus Ex Machina, and they wished Sylvanas had taken the mantle at the end of WotLK. What if Bolvar started to lose control of the power of the Lich King? What if the undead start to get feisty again? What if Sylvanas had to sacrifice her life in order to save every living thing on Azeroth, even though she could give a fuck about all of them? What if her arc sent her down the path of a hero who needed to give up everything, face her darkest fears, and become what she once hated? I could have lived with that. Because Sylvanas has had a consistent arc over the last five expansions, and now Blizz has given her character a complete 180 for NO REASON.

Actually, that’s not true. There is absolutely a reason.

It’s fucking easy.

It’s easy to make Sylvanas the bad guy. It’s easy to make the zombie queen evil. It’s easy to blame the strong, female, undead warrior and write her off as a bloodthirsty, callous psycho. And putting aside any feminist readings you could probably do as to why this decision was made (because that is a rabbit hole I am not willing to go down right now – also it would be pure speculation and an unfair assumption made against the people at Blizz), this is just lazy and stupid.

Earlier, I called the devs idiots, and I want to apologize for that now. Calling the people working on the story for WoW idiots was unfair. I don’t think they’re idiots. I don’t think they’re stupid.


I think something worse.

I think they’re lazy.

I think they don’t give a flying fuck about what they’re making. They don’t care about the characters. They don’t care about the game. They don’t care about the fans. Giving the people this easy, predictable story IS NOT FANSERVICE, it’s INSULTING. Nobody wanted this, unless you really hated Sylvanas, and even then I’d assume you either wouldn’t care about this story anyway OR you’d STILL be disappointed because this heel turn is just plain old shitty storytelling!

Image result for world of warcraft troll male naked

Now THIS is fanservice, amirite? Image from ©The Naked Troll Project

You know what people DID ask for? They asked for the Alliance to get some love. They asked that the Horde be left alone and give us a Warchief we can keep for longer than a heartbeat. They asked for a real reason for the Horde and Alliance to duke it out like the used to. They asked for Ashzara to rear her nasty, snakelike head and resurface, potentially giving the players non-humanoid playable characters (c’mon, playing as a Naga would be epic) and another underwater storyline because that was really cool in Cataclysm and one of the most memorable things about that stupid expansion. They asked for more Old Gods. They asked for more Titans. They asked for real quests and adventures instead of sending NPCs out to do it for you. They asked for fewer dailies. They asked for good raids and dungeons. They asked for real endgame content. They asked for a good levelling experience and a fun story. They asked for Blizzard to give a damn about their biggest IP, the IP that put them on the map, the IP that made them kings and queens of the MMORPG world for years.

We asked for them to care.

And it’s clear they just don’t anymore.

Patch 8.1

After seeing Az’s version of what he would have done with the pre-expansion story, I left a comment expressing my upset, and I ended up in a little back and forth with another person who said they were sick of people overreacting. It’s only the pre-story, he said. Maybe they know what they’re doing. And I agreed with him. I didn’t overreact, by the way. He was just stating it in general. But, you know, I agreed and decided that I would wait to see what Blizz would do with the story. Sure, they’ve ruined my favourite character and my favourite faction, but maybe they were planning something big. Maybe there was a reveal waiting. Maybe Sylvanas was like Admiral Holdo in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and she knew something we didn’t about Teldrassil. Maybe it would all work itself out.

And then I watched Az’s video on the Horde’s Patch 8.1 story mission. And despite the fact that the mission itself was innovative and cheesy and interesting, the STORY was a crock. A total crock.

Because when Sylvanas blew up the tree, the player was forced to take her side. And now that we’re looking for Saurfang — who escaped the Alliance after willingly giving himself up and making the Alliance look like a bunch of useless boobs — NOW we’re taking Saurfang’s side and plotting to overthrow Sylvanas from the inside…

Go fuck yourself Blizz. You’re not even trying anymore.

You made us take the side of genocide, whether we wanted to or not. You MADE us do that. Now, we’re going to be good guys just because? Like none of that happened? I pity anyone who’s trying to RP this at all because this is nuts. This is just…what, exactly? They saw the backlash online? Saw that the Horde wasn’t happy being bad guys and monsters and went, “Ah shit…welp…better change that quick”? Did they seriously just pull a Goddamn Batman? Is Frank Miller working for you now, Blizz, sans crazy pills? Because that’s what it feels like!

Did they think this out AT ALL? Did you even know what you were DOING?

I realize Blizz have said they sent all their best people to mobile (yes, really, apparently), but COME ON. A ten-year-old with a box of crayons and a juice box could come up with a more coherent story in fifteen minutes!

Don’t try and tell me you care. Don’t try and come to us fans and say you’re listening and you want to make the game better. If you really wanted that, you wouldn’t get angry when fans tell you the Azerite system is trash. You wouldn’t refuse to take criticism while passively telling us on Twitter to just wait it gets better. You wouldn’t have made this story the way it is in the first place.

Image result for sylvanas banshee

How I feel about the whole situation… Image from ©imgur

And I’m really torn. The self-destructive, hateful part of myself wants to play it. I want to feel the nerd rage first-hand instead of hearing about what they’ve done to the game from others. But the sensible, game-loving side of me doesn’t want to give this company my money anymore. They don’t fucking deserve it. If they’re going to continue to spit on fans and ruin a game that used to be a leader in the gaming industry, then go ahead. Crash and burn for all I care. Lose all your money, because you deserve it. You don’t deserve gamer loyalty. You don’t deserve a goddamn cent from me, or anyone else. Not until you wake up, realize you’ve sat yourself in a pile of shit and we’re not buying that it’s a comfortable place to sit anymore. We’re not going to fall for your Emperor’s New Clothes shit. You can’t give us NOTHING and expect us to be happy. And I would argue, Blizzard has given us LESS than nothing, because they haven’t just made a crappy, lazy, soulless game. They have actively RUINED characters and factions because they all got drunk or high and wrote down the first thing they could think of with zero brainpower and didn’t think to go back and edit it to make sure it made any semblance of sense.

As a fan…

I’ll admit, I haven’t played WoW as much over the past few years. After a bad falling out with the friends who introduced the game to me, I haven’t really found any other friends irl who play, and my fondest memories were always logging on, hopping on Skype, and dicking around with them. Playing alone was still fun, and I do love a good RP session, but it’s just not the same.

I was hoping the story of BFA would bring me back. I wanted to see Sylvanas be the hero I know she could have been. I wanted to see the devs take all the criticism from WoD and Legion to heart and stick to their promise to make things better. I wanted to believe in them…

Meme made possible thanks to ©imgflip.com

Such a waste.

And then the whole Diablo Immortal thing on top of that, cos I love me some Diablo as well…I guess if I play a Blizz game it’ll be Overwatch with my friend from uni, or some Heroes of the Storm cos I legit really like that game. At least in thatgame Sylvannas is still cool… fuck.

What? You’ve never heard of Heroes of the Storm…oh. Well, if you want a better version of League of Legends, there you have it. Either that or Arena of Valor. Or Smite.

Shit, I’ve digressed again. Anyway…

I’ll spend money on WoW Classic whenever it comes, and I’ve already preordered Warcraft III: Reforged because goddamn it that game deserves all the money thrown at it because those devs TRIED and CARE and they EARNED it.

I might cave and buy a temporary sub to WoW because I hate myself and I want to experience the disaster. But I am certainly in no rush to throw myself into the pyre. There are so many games, so many books, so many movies and comics that deserve my attention more. Things that actually earn the love of their fans instead of preying on them like a parasite.

In Conclusion

I’m sorry I wrote basically a 5500 word essay about something probably nobody cares about. But I needed to get this off my chest. I needed to scream into the ether. And you know what? I feel a little better.

A little.

Unfortunately, my nerd rage doesn’t end here. This was only the beginning. There’s another thing I want to…no, NEED to vent about because there’s so much more. WoW is not my only beloved fandom and franchise.

You see, I’ve recently gotten into comics recently. My loyal and devoted lab assistant, Pinkie, has been slowly introducing me to the comic industry’s best…and their worst. And there’s one book I’ve read recently that has enraged and disappointed me more than either Civil War comic, more than Dark Knight Strikes Again, more than the Batman “Wedding” Issue, but not more than BFA…it’s certainly up there though.

Next time, I’m going to be dissecting a comic issue by issue, a comic that should have been amazing, an event that every DC fan was gagging over because dammit who doesn’t love a little heavy metal? That’s right boys and girls, I’m going to be analyzing Dark Nights: Metal. And oh man, you best sit down for this one, cos folks this autopsy is not going to be pretty.

Until next time!



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