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We’ve finally come to the end. And alas, I will admit, this is not the climactic close I was hoping for. Though, I suppose that’s alright. Not everything needs to end with either an explosion or a happy ending.

In fact, I’m going to say that this ending perfectly suits a surface look at the work of Brian Michael Bendis.

It’s neither awesome, nor terrible. It’s cool, and has moments of excitement and epicness, but it’s far from perfect.

This issue gets the job done, and I feel like that’s kind of the lesson I’ve learned by reading all of these Bendis comics. Yes, I’ve been generous and have given out many a 5/5, and I do think those are still deserved. However, his skill as a storyteller has, from what I’ve seen, been based around his ability to breathe humour and hype into a concept. If he succeeds at those two things, then he succeeds. If he takes himself too seriously, or can’t figure out how to sell the story, then he falters.

This comic, while not perfect or particularly brilliant by any means, is fun. It’s interesting. It sets up the future story well, and I’m excited to learn more.

Without further ado, here are…

What a smooth criminal. I will not apologize. Panel taken from a comic by ©Marvel. Art by David Marquez.


So this one was Defenders issue 1.

It begins with a man confronting a shoddy drug dealer in a club and forcing the guy to eat his own poison (laundry detergent, it turns out) and, as the drug dealer is writhing on the floor presumably dying, he leaves behind three diamonds.

Awwh, he looks so happy with all that food. I’d be happy too. Panel taken from a comic by ©Marvel. Art by David Marquez.

We then cut to Luke Cage heading home from grocery shopping when he’s attacked with a missile of some kind, which blows up his home/workplace. Kind of sounds like what happened in Secret War, doesn’t it? Well, instead of Luke getting hurt this time, it’s Jessica who’s in trouble, as she’s apparently been shot and is now recovering in the hospital.

When Luke goes to visit her, Daredevil and Iron Fist show up to tell him that they’ve been attacked as well. While they’re brainstorming possible villains to blame, Jessica wakes up and tells them who did it: Diamondback.

Apparently they all did something really bad to him a long time ago, they thought he was dead, and now he’s hunting them for revenge. Again, very Secret War.

The four heroes then team up to find Diamondback.

Huh. New suit. Well, at least it’s not yellow. Panel taken from a comic by ©Marvel. Art by David Marquez.

Meanwhile, Diamondback has apparently summoned Black Cat (who’s working with Hammerhead – they’re keeping in touch via Bluetooth) to offer her a position under him. I guess he’s decided he wants to be the Kingpin of all of the Eastern US or something.

Black Cat tells him no way, as he’s painted a huge target on his back by attacking the super four, and steps aside as Luke Cage bursts through a wall, looking for a fight.

Jessica, Iron Fist, and Daredevil all meet at a bar to ask each other if they’ve found anything. They all share that they’ve got nothing, and Daredevil says they should make a team and up their game.

Cut back to Luke Cage and Black Cat and Diamondback. Clearly something is up with Diamondback because he’s kicked Luke’s ass and Black Cat looks horrified.

The issue ends with an interview by Ben Urich with Luke Cage.

Popped collars are cool, okay? Panel taken from a comic by ©Marvel. Art by David Marquez.

This issue is pretty good. It’s alright. It’s not perfect, it didn’t get me particularly hyped for the story, but I was curious enough to want to read more.

This issue, to me, kind of perfectly sums up Bendis’ bibliography.

He’s not great, he’s not shit.

He’s fine. He’s fine. He is fine. He’s totally fine, guys. It’s fine.

Seriously, he’s fine.

He gets the job done. He’s good with his street-level guys, he’s bad at events (except Secret War, which was his lightning in a bottle), he doesn’t do continuity, and he writes fun, snarky dialogue. He also always gets amazing artists.

I don’t hate the guy, like I used to after reading Civil War II. I can appreciate him as a decent comic writer who has done a good job like 75% of the time.

I would suggest everyone check out his best stuff, like Ultimate Spider-Man and Jessica Jones and Secret War, because those comics are worth the praise. Everything else I’d probably leave, unless you’re really curious or a big Marvel fan. His stories, in the long run, usually don’t deliver as much as he promises, but you’ll almost always leave his comics with something to say – good or bad.

God the Purple Man is such a goddamn creep. Panel taken from a comic by ©Marvel. Art by David Marquez.

I feel like I should have a better conclusion to all this…hmm. Well, I guess, just like my boi Bendis, this will do just fine.

If you want to revisit any of the Days, or missed any, here’s the full list for ya:

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[please don’t try to sing it all]


I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything else, but I have been doing things other than reading single issues every day late at night.

I’ve seen some movies, which I’ll be commenting on soon, I want to go over all the 2018 movies Pinkie and I have seen and rank their worth, and I of course still need to address my arch nemesis, Dark Nights: Metal.

All of this and more will be coming your way in 2019, dear World.

Until next time!



On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, Bendis Gave to Me: Twelve Cool Comics to Read
Basically? It's fine. It's fine. It is fine. It's fine. It's fine guys. It's TOTALLY fine. Seriously, it's fine.
The Good
  • I love all the characters in it
  • Diamondback can beat up Luke Cage? SAY WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!?
  • Heroes teaming up, woo!
The Bad
  • It's a tad dull, but that's okay.
4.8Bendises out of 5

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