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We’re in the final three issues now, and the Days of Bendis will soon be at an end. It was about time I started getting into some X-Men.

Bendis ends this issue with a little note that begins by saying that this is the craziest story he has ever worked on for the X-Men.

I’m going to have to agree.

Before I go on any further, I’ll list all the previous days in case you missed any, and then we’ll get on to the review:

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Day Five

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Day Nine

I COULD be wrong here, but I THINK she’s having a bit of a bad time. Also, the art is really, really good. I like. I like a lot. Panel taken from a comic by ©Marvel. Art by Stuart Immonen.


This was…ah…interesting.

Don’t get me wrong, I was on board for this story. I mean, we’ve got the X-Men, there’s some Magneto, there are new mutants with new powers, and who doesn’t love a little Beast, but…yeah… This was weird.

The story starts with Hank McCoy, aka. Beast, and his internal monologue about how he’s going through a new kind of mutation and it might kill him. He’s very sick, but he doesn’t want to worry his friends. Ororo Munroe, aka. Storm, calls him up because there’s some news he should see.

Cut to Australia where a new mutant who can freeze a bubble in space and time around her appears! She’s horrified by hew new powers, but it’s okay because some familiar faces come to her rescue: Scott Summers, aka. Cyclops; Emma Frost, aka. Emma Frost, and Erik Lehnsherr, aka. Magneto. In order to rescue this new mutant from the Australian law forces gunning for her after her accident, these well-known X-Men (and Magneto) start to fight the authorities. Violently.

This splash page is just…just so cool! *sniff* Panel taken from a comic by ©Marvel. Art by Stuart Immonen.

I mean, it’s to be expected of Erik, but geez, what’s with the other two, right? I mean, I know Scott cheated on Jean with Emma before she died, but that doesn’t make ya a terrorist.

…What’s that?

…Uh huh…

…Okay, Pinkie has informed me that Scott became a terrorist because of something called Avengers vs. X-Men that I haven’t read yet, so my joke is invalid.

Too bad, it’s staying in the review!

Apparently the news that their old friends have started a Pro-Mutant movement with Magneto is shocking to some other X-Men as well. Ororo is watching the news coverage of the attack along with Kitty Pryde, aka. Shadowcat, and Bobby Drake, aka. Iceman. Bobby is especially shaken by the news because he and Scott used to be so close, and this new direction for him seems out of character to him.

We cut to a Michigan police station where a young man is being hounded by a cop for being able to bring a young woman back to life with a touch. Just as she begins to get really aggressive with him, Scott and Illyana Rasputin, aka. Magik (also Colossus’ sister) crash in and break him out. Scott finds a security camera and says some Pro-Mutant speech to his “brothers and sisters of the atom”…whatever that means…

Back with the proper X-Men who don’t kill humans, Ororo, Bobby and Kitty bicker over how to handle the situation. They’re concerned by what’s happening – actually they’re fucking pissed and totally scared by what’s happening – and don’t really know how to tackle the situation. Hank shows up and Bobby starts talking about how the Scott he knew as a teen would never tolerate this behaviour.

I would NEVER want to piss her off… Panel taken from a comic by ©Marvel. Art by Stuart Immonen.

This gives Hank an epiphany, and he runs off.

Now we’ve travelled back in time, when Hank wasn’t blue and furry. He and Bobby burst into Scott’s office, where he’s writing some kind of love confession to Jean, and Hank spews that he’s quitting the X-Men and will no longer fight for humans. Before Young Hank can leave, however, Old Hank shows up and demands an audience.

Jean Grey, aka. Phoenix, and Warren Worthington III, aka. Angel, appear and are shocked to see two Hanks in the room. Old Hank requests they not tell Professor X about what’s happening, since Old Hank knows X won’t tolerate time-line fuckery, and asks that the OG X-Men go to the future with him.

So…I was with the story until these last few pages that turn it into some kind of weird time travel plot. I mean…time travel is a difficult plot device to get right, y’know? You shouldn’t use it unless it actually means something, or you can account for the things it’ll inevitably fuck up. So you either pull a “It Makes a Different Time Line” thing, or you make it a “It’s All Moot Anyway Because Destiny” thing. Pinkie has already told me it’s not the former, so I have to assume it’s the latter which means that the story isn’t going to mean anything at all… No consequences, no major changes to anything, nothing.

If that’s going to be the case, then…what’s the point?

I guess just a cool story that brings back the OG X-Men team, but…there had to be a better way to do that.

Other than the ending, the rest of the comic was awesome. I really enjoyed it. It was paced well, there’s a lot of tension and a feeling of “time’s running out!” looming overhead while you’re reading, and, as usual, the dialogue is solid.

If it weren’t for the weird ending, it’d be an easy 5/5. The ending isn’t enough to dock a whole 0.5 stars off it’s score, but I couldn’t justify giving it 5 stars given how disappointing I found that aspect of the story. I just…ahhh I don’t think it’ll amount to anything worth while. Maybe I’m wrong. I’m sure Pinkie will force me to read the rest and I’ll see for myself.

Hell of a way to end an issue. Panel taken from a comic by ©Marvel. Art by Stuart Immonen.


More X-Men! I guess Bendis wrote a lot of X-Men titles. This next one comes after this one chronologically. It’s the 2013 Uncanny X-Men #1. I hope the next one has a more…consistent quality to it.

Until next time.



On the Tenth Day of Christmas, Bendis Gave to Me: Ten X-Men (both former and current)
This is a really strong issue, but it just doesn't quite stick the landing. I really liked everything until those last two pages turned what would have been a really interesting conflict between old friends and colleagues into a time travel story. I mean...sure, I guess? I just can't imagine that this story can possibly do much more than be cool for a very short amount of time. And that's fine, I guess. I just tend to prefer stories with, y'know, actual consequences and shit. But what do I know?
The Good
  • Interesting story premise – seeing some old characters go bad is certainly eye-catching.
  • Tension built with the reveal of Hank McCoy's health concerns.
  • Magneto. Might not be Ian McKellan or Michael Fassbender, but any Magneto cameo is a win.
The Bad
  • Weird time travel plot...
4.8Fuzzy Wuzzies out of 5

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