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I fucking love Moon Knight.

I barely know Moon Knight, but I fucking love Moon Knight.

I know I’ve mentioned Ultimate Alliance a lot lately, but it was really my first real introduction to the Marvel Universe outside of X-Men, X2 and Spider-Man as a kid, and Moon Knight was one of the characters I liked to play. I also played Elektra, Storm, and Deadpool, who became my main after the Kraken fight as well as my favourite character at Marvel.

Anyway, for the longest time the only thing I knew about Moon Knight was that he was some cool ninja-like guy in Ultimate Alliance and, later on, that Danny from Game Grumps really likes him. Then I met Pinkie, and he really got me into comics and, when trying to help me find some starting points and I mentioned I liked the idea of Moon Knight, he filled me in on the main details of the character. And that’s when I really fell in love.

Look at this motherfucking badass. How could you not love him? Panel taken from a comic by ©Marvel Art by Alex Maleev

Moon Knight is psychotic. He, as a character, has multiple personality disorder and is known to have four personalities: Marc Spectre, Lockley, Steven Grant and Konshu (who may or may not be a personality and actually a moon god, but whatever). He’s  a rich guy with too much time on his hands and martial arts skillz who has decided to be a night-time ninja vigilante. So basically he’s Batman, but his crazy eclipses the DC hero’s.

Did you see what I did there? 😀

Anyway, he’s also known for having an extraordinarily wacky fighting style. Moon Knight is nuts and a bit of a masochist, so even though he has plenty of fighting experience, he always fights in the least efficient and self-preserving way possible. He constantly gets hurt, but like some viking berserker high on blood and old-school peyote, he tanks every hit and hits back just as hard. It freaks criminals out and they probably end up shitting themselves before he knocks them unconscious.

He also actually backed up Mockingbird and left the West-Coast Avengers along with Tigra when Hawkeye kicked Mockingbird off the team for letting the man who sexually assaulted her die. We’ll get to that gem later (it also ties into a Bendis flub, so I just have to cover it).

He’s, like, the coolest anti-hero ever. He’s seriously great, and hearing all these different stories around how crazy he is honestly brings me joy. I like weird, out there characters that you can play with and have limitless boundaries. They’re just so much fun!

And it would seem Bendis agrees, because he has some fun with this issue.

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This panel has very little to do with the issue as a whole, but it sure looks pretty! Panel taken from a comic by ©Marvel Art by Alex Maleev


This issue opens very cinematically with Lockley, a dashing mercenary, being betrayed and mortally wounded by a man known as Bushman. Turns out they were looking for treasure in a temple for Konshu, and Bushman killed the professor who was with them before shooting Lockley and leaving him for dead. Just as Lockley loses consciousness at the foot of the Konshu statue, a blonde woman runs to him and cries out to Konshu for help.

Turns out this was the last few minutes of a TV show produced by (and starring, by the looks of it) Marc Spectre.

Just like his DC counterpart, Marc Spectre is well dressed and smiley, with a gorgeous babe on his arm. She asks him about his past as a mercenary, but he gets called away by some familiar faces: Captain America, Wolverine, and Spider-Man.

Moon Knight is having some problems… Panel taken from a comic by ©Marvel Art by Alex Maleev

Turns out they’ve come to the West Coast for help. Criminals have decided that New York City isn’t the best place to set up shop, considering how many caped crusaders there are running around to stop them, and have migrated en masse to L.A. Cap asks Spectre if he’ll lead an investigation into some shady dealings going on with a potential new West Coast kingpin of crime, and he accepts the job.

We cut to some goons bickering while they wait for a drop, and Moon Knight stalks them from afar. A villain named Mr. Hyde shows up and demands money, and upon discovering the goons were not given the money to pay him and were only meant to pick up the shipment of goods, he kills them both and turns to leave.

Moon Knight then swoops in and begins to fight the massive Mr. Hyde, and Mr. Hyde kicks his ass. Moon Knight does manage to grab onto his boat, however, and overhears Mr. Hyde complaining to someone about the money. Moon Knight unfortunately doesn’t get a good look at the guy, but does get off the boat with an Ultron head. Turns out the goods Mr. Hyde was selling a dead Ultron.

Spectre meets up with the three Avengers again to ponder what the purpose of selling Ultrons would be. Spectre then says he’s glad the other three are there, and that he certainly needs the backup. Problem is, it’s revealed at the very end that he’s totally alone and has been imagining the appearance of the other three heroes the whole time!

Now, knowing what I do about Moon Knight, I saw this reveal coming as soon as Cap told him at the beginning of the issue, “I need you to get in there and strike fear in their hearts and all that–“.

Like, 1. Cap doesn’t talk like that, and 2. I know for a fact from Civil War that Cap thinks Moon Knight is fucking nuts and doesn’t trust him to do shit.

Still, the reveal at the end made me laugh. I probably shouldn’t have, because it’s actually really kind of sad, but I still found the reveal just oh so perfect.

I mean, since I know Bendis can sometimes have issues with continuity, I was a little worried that he forgot Moon Knight is crazy, so I was happy to see him pull out the nutter butter at the end!

One problem though…

It would seem Bendis only did partial research. He heard that Moon Knight was crazy, and that Marc Spectre has three other personalities locked inside his head, but I guess he didn’t realize that those personalities already had names and manifestations…

Awh. He thinks he has friends. Lol. Panel taken from a comic by ©Marvel Art by Alex Maleev

Either that or he wanted to switch things up for funsies and explore a different kind of crazy in Moon Knight.

In any case, this small critique doesn’t impede my enjoyment of the issue at all!

Unlike last night’s issue, Moon Knight #1 is really fun to read! It’s well paced, has plenty of action, and the absolute perfection of the ending reveal was just *mwah* so satisfying!

I’m just going to have to finish the rest of it now!


We’ll be looking at spider-folk again. This time we’ll be looking at Miles Morales as Spider-Man, in Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man from 2011.

It’ll be a whole new year when I review that. I’m actually pretty happy that I got to finish this year off with this crazy son-of-a-bitch. <3

I hope you all have a Happy New Year!

Until next year.



On the Seventh Day of Christmas, Bendis Gave to Me: Seven Moon Knight Personalities
Moon Knight is awesome. This issue is awesome. Bendis is awesome. Seriously, this issue is so much fun to read. The two goons and their back and forth is so bizarre I can't help but find it entertaining, the action is great, and Moon Knight is adequately crazy. I'm happy with this one!
The Good
  • Moon Knight is crazy!
  • Fun dialogue
  • Story is well-paced and engaging – cool new mystery has been set up, guys!
The Bad
  • Not sure if Bendis knew how Moon Knight's multiple personalities are supposed to work...or how the disorder works in general... but oh well, this was still fun.
5.0Broken Ribs out of 5

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