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I was beginning to think Pinkie had set me up. Like, it seemed like every third issue was something that he knew I wouldn’t like that much. So, when I started reading Bendis’ Guardians of the Galaxy, I thought, “Oh geez, here comes another boring issue”. I guess I should give Pinkie more credit than sticking to some silly patter, because this issue was great!

Now, before I get too far ahead of myself, I’m just gonna go ahead and list off all the previous Days of Bendis (in case you missed any)!

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Now, let’s get on to the review!

Freaking Trash Pandas. Panel taken from a comic by ©Marvel . Art by Steve McNiven.


This issue has a nice, simple plot.

Basically, while Star-Lord is trying to pick up a Kree girl in a bar, his dear ol’ daddy drops by.

Now, anyone who’s seen the movies only might be a little confused because his dad ISN’T actually the planet Ego. I wasn’t surprised only because Pinkie told me about this already, but it turns out Star-Lord gets his name from being an actual Star-Lord, as his father is actually king of Spartax (and the galaxy too, I guess). I kind of liked when it was just his own geeky creation to make himself sound cool, but this is alright too.

Peter looks so emo. C’mon, man, your dad TOTALLY just wants to talk. Panel taken from a comic by ©Marvel . Art by Steve McNiven.

Anyway, daddy shows up and tells his son to stay away from Earth because a bunch of Galactic Empires who are allied with each other have decided to make Earth off-limits and have pulled their people off the planet. Daddy asks that Star-Lord put his big boy pants on and become prince of the galaxy. Star-Lord tells his dad to fuck off and leaves with Gamora, who burst in to save him.

We cut to Tony Stark flying around in space because Tony seems to be Bendis’ favourite character ever when all of a sudden a


Badoon warship shows up! I guess they’re really bad alien bad guys, so Tony starts to fight them as they head towards Earth. The Guardians of the Galaxy arrive (same team we’re all used to from the movies – minus Mantis. OG team from the first movie) and help defeat the ship.

The Badoon captain self-destructs the ship, blasting Groot to bits (Rocket grabbed one piece though, so you know he’ll be fine), but not before he sends a message to his fellow Badoon to continue the fight against Earth and avenge them.

The issue ends with Gamora telling Star-Lord that his daddy set him up and that he must feel that if the boy won’t become his princeling, and the Earth will always fight his rule, then both can die at the hands of whichever of his enemies gets them first.

Pretty hardcore parenting, if you ask me. Sheesh!

This splash page is epic! Panel taken from a comic by ©Marvel . Art by Steve McNiven.

Well, I guess the name Spartax should have been a hint that this king dude came from somewhere pretty hardcore. I wonder if he also kicks people down wells…

To be honest, Pinkie told me that nothing much happens in this issue. I’m not sure if he was trying to throw me off, or if we just disagree on this issue in particular, but I thought it was rather exciting.

I guess, when you break it down, all this issue consists of is a single conversation and a single fight, but I feel like the premise that’s been set up here is more than enough to hold my attention and make me want to read more.

Star-Lord and his father’s conversation I found really interesting to read. The not-so-subtle shade Star-Lord was throwing at his dad was pretty fun, and his father’s responses where he admitted being jealous of his son for being able to pick up beautiful women, and befriend dangerous ones, was kind of adorable. You can really see Bendis injecting some Peter Quill into the king’s dialogue, making them really feel like father-and-son.

I also thought the overall action in the fight with the Badoon was cool. Rocket was crazy and bloodthirsty, as usual. Groot said I am Groot. Gamora and Drax kicked butt. Star-Lord and Tony Stark nattered at each other while fighting their common foe. It was all fun!

Also, the randomly appearing Tony Stark for no narrative purpose (at least from what I can see at the moment) amuses me. I just think Bendis couldn’t help but shove him in there. Cos, why not? Just put Tony everywhere, like a plainly obvious Where’s Waldo!

Tony’s not doing so well… Panel taken from a comic by ©Marvel . Art by Steve McNiven.

And I have to say that the set up of the conflict between Star-Lord and his father really interests me. Maybe because Pinkie is such a hardcore reader of comics he found the set-up less interesting. Keep in mind, this is my first time meeting Peter Quill’s father in the comics, so I find this immediately interesting. However, knowing that only one issue before this one is a complete retcon of Peter Quill and Star-Lord’s backstory, I can maybe see how someone who’s read practically everything Marvel would see this as less interesting than something completely new and innovative.

I guess I’m finding that Bendis is a really good writer for beginners and novices in the comic community. His stories are easy-to-follow, interesting, and have little or nothing to do with continuity.

Being a DC fan, this hardly matters since continuity is reset every ten years or so now, but Marvel fans have a much more daunting task. I’m glad I have Pinkie to help me cut the fat, so to speak, and show me the best of the best (and the worst of the worst, on occasion), because otherwise I’d find the task of reading Marvel and getting the context behind certain stories really frustrating. I never really got into comics before meeting him because I just honestly didn’t know where to start.

Had I known of Bendis’ books back when I was growing up, I probably would have read comics from a much earlier age.


We’ll see the team that captured the hearts of so many Marvel fans. The representatives of all the down-trodden in society, the funtastic freaks of the Marvel Universe, everyone’s favourite X-Men! All New, too!

Until next time.



On the Ninth Day of Christmas, Bendis Gave to Me: Nine Galactic STDs You Don't Need to Worry About Anymore Because Your Dad is a Buzzkill
This issue is a great start to a story I can't wait to finish reading. Star-Lord's crazy Star-Dad is a total jerk, and I look forward to seeing just how evil this guy can be. I'm also just down to see the Guardians get up to their usual shenanigans. This issue is a fun, quick read, and I enjoyed every panel!
The Good
  • Establishes an interesting villain with an interesting goal.
  • Good action and pacing.
  • Star-Lord and his dad's interaction is very well written and entertaining – they're both such man-children. It's adorable.
The Bad
  • Poor Star-Lord strikes out with a cute girl...better luck next time, dude.
5.0I am Groot

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