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Welcome to the Fourth Day of Bendis! Today we’re looking at Jessica Jones (2016), issue #1.

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I’m a little biased this time, I’ll admit, because I absolutely love Jessica Jones and I love Bendis’ Alias series. I was really excited to read this one, and I’m glad to report that it did not disappoint! It was mysterious, it was tragically funny, and it was a fun read!

Without further ado, on to the review!

That sucks. Panel taken from a comic by ©Marvel


When I started reading this, I was actually a little worried that Pinkie had sent me the wrong issue. It begins with a scene that calls back to his Alias run, with Jessica in trouble with the law and just being let out of prison, thanks to someone’s help. Last time, it was Matt Murdock who helped her out of her jam. This time, we actually don’t know who got her out.

She jumps into a river to get away from the prison, and crawls out on the other side covered in seaweed and in desperate need of a shower.

Jessica is such a badass! ^_^ Panel taken from a comic by ©Marvel

Jessica gets back to her beloved abode/business, and sees that there are several messages for her. Before she can check them out, Misty Knight shows up to strong-arm Jessica. She asks the jaded P.I. where “she” is, and Jessica throws her out.

She checks her messages and gets one from her ex, Luke Cage, asking not to make things harder than they already are. She also gets a message from Carol, and a message about a new job. Since she’s in desperate need of money, Jessica decides to check out the job and calls the woman back.

They meet and she tells Jessica that her husband woke up one day believing he is supposed to be married with someone named Gwen, with a daughter named Norma, and rambled about how Peter Parker is a liar. The woman claims that she’s been married to this man for eleven years and that they are incapable of having children. She believes that this weirdness may be the result of some kind of inter-dimensional travel, and wants Jessica to find proof of that.

Jessica takes the job, but notices a black haired woman crawling along a wall.

Jessica tracks her down and meets the woman, who turns out to be Jessica Drew, on top of a roof. Spider-Woman asks the former Jewel where “she” is and mentions that she understands how hard it can be, being a hero and all. The P.I. basically tells Spider-Woman to fuck off, and also tells her to tell Luke Cage to stop sending people after her, before leaving the roof.

Oof. He looks mad… I mean, I can’t really blame him. Panel taken from a comic by ©Marvel

Jessica then goes on her stake-out of the weird husband, and just as he starts to move she’s interrupted by Luke Cage, who asks her where their daughter is.

I really enjoyed this issue! I’m so excited to read more. I love the way Bendis writes Jessica. She’s so spunky and depressed; I find her really easy to relate to, and incredibly sympathetic. She still has the great internal dialogue he wrote for her in Alias, and the sense of mystery that I loved about Alias makes a return as well!

I can’t wait to see who let Jessica out, where the daughter is, and why she seemingly stole the child from her father. I’m also really curious about the weird husband and what his story is. I think it’ll go in an interesting direction, and if he really is from another dimension then I’m excited to see what exactly happened to him!

Excellent issue. Honestly!


We’ll be getting some Skrull action! It’s time for some Secret War, girls and boys.

I know this review was really short, but I liked it so much I actually found it a little hard to talk about.

Just read it!!! Honestly!!!

Until next time!



On the Fourth Day of Christmas, Bendis Gave to Me: Four Super Hero Cameos
I really like this issue! I actually like it so much that there's nothing really that I can say. It's just awesome! It sets up a good couple of mysteries, there's quite the cast of characters that make some cameos, and Jessica sounds just like I remember her. It's just perfect, and I can't wait to read more!!! Squee!!! I'll stop geeking now...
The Good
  • Immediate sense of mystery
  • Jessica is nice and sarcastic
  • Jessica is a badass.
The Bad
  • No mulatto baby, but she is referenced!
5.0Mulatto Babies out of 5

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